Covid Cases at GHCHS

How Many Cases Have There Been?

The answer to this question is not as simple. While GHCHS does have have a Covid-19 Dashboard on their website, it has not been updated since August 26, 2021. This makes it difficult to determine how many cases are active on campus. With over 5,000 students and staff in attendance on campus, accurate and timely reporting of Covid-19 cases is essential.

According to Joy Caspar, a member of the GHCHS Covid Taskforce, GHCHS is a large school and reporting Covid-19 cases accurately takes time.

How Can We Hold GHCHS Accountable?

Concerned staff members, students and parents should contact GHCHS to demand timely updating of the Covid-19 Dashboard. LAUSD updates their Covid-19 dashboard at least once a day. GHCHS should be held to the same standard. You can contact the Los Angeles County Department of Health to report a complaint at:

With the high number of Covid-19 cases in Los Angeles County, it important to understand how schools play a role in community transmission. Without accountability and transparency, schools could become breeding grounds for Covid-19. It is up to the community to hold schools accountable.

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